A teenage hacker Adom Mudd from Kings Langley (UK) made a £400,000 pounds by his own hacking program.

Teen Hacker Earn £400,000 By Computer Virus 

Adam creates this malware when he was 16 living with his family. He creates this harmful trojan “Titanium Stresser” which carry out 1.7 million attacks on websites after that website database flooded with data. This trojan work like a DDOS (Denial Of Distributed Service Attack).
Adams sell his trojan to cyber criminals and earn total pounds  $307,298.35 and 259.81 bitcoins worth an overall £400,000.  He also test this trojan and carried out 594 attacks by himself. When arrested in March 2015, Adom was on his computer, which he refused to unlock before his father intervened. Adom tried to hide his identity, but his IP address captured by cyber cell police. Court judgment told that he also transferred some amount to his father account.
Old Bailey also mentions in their statement, that Adom admits two computer hacking charges and one charge of concealing criminal property at a previous hearing.


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