Scientist in Russian nuclear faculties arrested for mining bitcoins in Government nuclear center. Russian cybersecurity expert says that “Nuclear scientist was trying to using a nuclear center supercomputer to mine bitcoin”.

Russian Nuclear Facilities 

Sarov is the restricted nuclear place in Russia from USSR cold war. This is the place where Soviet Biggest nuclear bomb was tested called “Tsar Bomb”. In this secret base Russian government using these supercomputers to handle these kinds of task. Russian nuclear lab officials said, “There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer facilities for private purposes including so-called mining”.
Russian news agency “Mash” said that supercomputer was not connected to the internet. Scientist was trying to do this but his attempt failed and computer send an instruction to the nuclear center’s security department that someone wants to gain access internet on the system.
Bitcoin is a very trending topic in today time, because of its rate. If someone wants to mine bitcoin, that person needs a very powerful supercomputer to confirm transaction did by other.


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