Today we are discussing the major topic of anonymity. Tor, this is one of the secret or you can call it as the safest browser on the internet. We’re going to share with all of our readers, how this browser works and how you can use this browser to hide online identity.

It is an internet browser that use to hide IP address. It looks like onion, when you cutting onion you can see layer and layer and another layer. Tor works same like this. It uses multiple encrypted proxy chains together that hide your actual system address. It’s also used for surfing dark web.

Privacy is very important today time, while you surfing the internet. If someone gets to access your IP(Internet Protocol) address, he can do everything with your personal computer. We also want freedom on the internet. But most of the websites send cookies to your web browser and access your personal  IP, browsing behavior and other things which is related to you. These websites include Facebook, Google and other. For these type of online threat, Tor was created.

History of Onion Router 

For preventing online threat this browser was designed by United State Naval official Paul Syverson, Michael G. Reed, and David Goldschlag in mid-1990. These three people are the inventor of this web browser. This is open source software freely available on its official website.
Process for Tor Installation:
Download onion router from its official website It’s available for all type of Operating Systems. You can choose your OS version and download it. Now you can install it on your personal computer. It requires minimum 80MB space. After installation, it makes a shortcut icon on your desktop where you can get easily access this browser.
How Tor Works: 

Below are some point, how this browser works and how it protects your actual IP address.
Tor using relay’s(node) while you connected to this browser. Relay basically look like proxies. Below is the example. If Alice wants to send mail to Bob, Tor makes relays circuit for Alice.
Tor Working Process. Source:-
Alice system IP connects to the first relay, and this relay sends Alice to another relay to continue. The same process continues work and Tor send Alice to the final relay. These all relay are encrypted. None of the relays can actually know your IP address. If you connect to the first relay, this relay knows other relay IP address, not your’s. None of these relay knows how traffic routed overall networks. When connection established it send to you final relay which is same for every user who is using Tor network.
Tor Working Process. Source:-
To protect your identity it change your relay path automatically after 10 minutes and sends to you through another path. Final relay not encrypted, so you need to be aware of that.
Tor Working Process. Source:-
Instructions Before Access:-
You need to remind some point before accessing tor.
  1. Tor doesn’t fully protect your online activity. This browser only works while you’re using internet only with this browser. If you’re using other software for surfing the internet it won’t protect your identity. Because it’s not like a VPN who create a bridge.
  2. Some of people’s  blame that attacker can easy track final node. Because Tor final node is decrypted. For this problem, we suggest you connect VPN before accessing this browser. While you combine both of this software there no chances left for the attacker to get your system address.
  3. Make a sure, while you’re using Tor, don’t try to maximize window size. Because chances increase high for the attacker to get your final node address.
  4. Don’t use the extra extension in this browser.
  5. Don’t use torrent while surfing Tor. Because it can easily reveal your identity.
  6. Don’t download anything while you’re using this browser.
  7. You need to use high-speed internet connection when you want to connect with this browser. Because it needs to connect multiple relays in a single time. Before you want to access, choose high-speed Internet connection.
These are some important points you need to remember before using this web browser. While you follow this process, you can easily hide your IP address.


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