Today time everyone wants to become like anonymous. Many of people want to join this organization because they think anonymous solves every problem. Most of them don’t know what Anonymous actually is, they also don’t know who operates this organization, where is headquarter of this organization. We are going to share that identity, who operate this group worldwide.

Anonymous Flag

This is an online community where all member from worldwide connects together. It was founded in 2003. You can only recognize these people by guy fox mask. There is no another way left to identification. No one knows how many people associated with them worldwide. It is one of the mysterious Cyber group from past decade. They also involve hacking  ISIS social media accounts & websites. Below is the most famous line use by every anonymous.

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us”

Now come to the main point, how to become a part of this community. So you want to join Anonymous group. You can’t join because it doesn’t exist. No any centralized infrastructure where all operation controlled by one person. We don’t have any official website or social network page. Some person mentions on their website that they are from official HQ. But There is no any headquarter exists.

It means no option available for becoming a member. No, you can join but through another way. Call yourself anonymous, No one sitting inside the office said, come join our company. No need any kind of computer skills or qualification required for becoming a member. Become your own guru. Everyone has a different kind of skill. Use that skill to help people. Then you become a real anonymous.


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