Bypass Craigslist Phone Verification with ANTIDETECT 8 CRACKED! – DEMO 17 Dec. 2018

Antidetect 8

Attention! The software is not server side. Competitors softwares can record all your actions on server side, we have open source extension for Firefox, you can be sure you and only you know what is going on in your browser. Other people over the internet came after us, after all shit was happened and they are able to cooperate with fingerprint development teams (or _anyone_ else) and collect full information about your actions _anywhere_

1. WebGL fingerprint improvements.
2. WebRTC and GeoLocation improvements.
2.1. GeoLocation will automatically change when IP changes (city accuracy is not 100% but it can be adjusted in settings if needed).
2.2. GeoLocation map has been fixed.
2.3. WebRTC will automatically change when IP changes.
2.4. Removed ability to set WebRTC manually.
2.5. Added support for proxifier software.
3. Custom languages improvement.
3.1. Added an ability to setup multiple languages with priorities like in a real browser.
3.2. Added drag and drop funcionality to set language priorities (most left language has a higher priority over the one on the right side).
4. Added custom resolutions.
5. Improved snapshot of the browser picking for a profile. The snapshot will have a more random hardware IDs from now on.
6. Various usability and performance improvements.

Private software. New powerful chrome antidetect. Fonts generator. Canvas cloud fingerprint technology. Free configs. Personal support for you. Price is $699. Requires no monthly payment as this is the CRACKED VERSION, so you only pay once, and it can be used on multiple devices. Top secret product. Please don’t buy before you know what is it. Contact support for more details.

To have the best fingerprint-bypass tool its like to print your own money (C)

This is the only antidetect software in the world which can spoof fingerprints so naturally as it possible. There is no same products at the moment on market. It can collect fingerprints found in your website scripts, sort it, push on config grabber, and then you can find that canvas fingerprinter of some website show you real information as it would be on config native PC! We spoof not randomly, it is carefully collected profiles from high quality website.

When gathering profiles from “real” browsers, we are using our own built-in “canvas fingerprint” validation. This means we are able to group fake from good profiles (no one can be trusted these days). Also it’s the main reason why we have not so much profiles yet, a special algorithm validates browser snapshots from different computers and once we have a sufficient number of valid snapshots – profile becomes available for our customers. Currently we have around 30% of profiles validated and enabled, this number is growing each day. An introduction to our own “canvas fingerprint” validation, allowed to make some major canvas fingerprint upgrades.

1. Accuracy – because of careful process of the validation for profiles, we can assure that correct canvas fingerprint resolution will be applied.

2. Speed – we got a technology to detect and group different profiles together that have similar canvas properties

3. Better Coverage – an improvement of accuracy and speed provides atleast 2-3x better coverage, this means we will more likely have a correct canvas fingerprint resolution compared to the older system.

Geolocation tuning.

From now, you can spoof your geolocation. Its pretty easy and useful. Be located anywhere you want. Send your geolocation in social networks to anyone to proof you are there.

Canvas Fingeprint chrome mobile on android

Canvas fingerprint: Mobile Safari and iOS

Webgl Fingerprint Spoofer

Even supported WebGL extensions list is spoofed. We did a hard and great work.

Limited customers count = less people in the world have this spoofing technology. Efficiency will be on high, its already checked by only few people. Actually we have only 4 users of this software. Once we got new positive feedbacks, price is raise.

Antidetect 8 Contain:

1) New chrome antidetect coded by outstanding leading developers over last year

2) New fonts manager with fonts generation functions

3) Antidetect 7.1 Private version

4) IETools Antidetect – our old product for changing Internet Explorer Environment settings (up to 11 version)

5) Hardware antidetect patched for use in windows 7 and up versions – allows you to spoof registry and some Win API hardware information functions


6) Network connections manager – for more usability1) No automatisation is available

Where to buy the cracked version? please visit Antidetect 8 Cracked


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